Parking Announcements



City of Refuge Parking

What YOU Need to Know

 1.      Our Parking is Changing

Parking can be a challenge at City of Refuge! With big changes coming up in available spaces – gaining some and losing others – we want to keep you informed.

2.      18 NEW SPACES now available in Lot A next to our building:

  • Guests

  • Families with Small Children

  • Seniors and Mobility Challenges

3.      Additional Spaces in Lot B (3186 Telge St.)

As the Star of Hope departs for their new facility later this month, new spaces will open up in our main parking lot across Yellowstone. The entrance is at 3186 Telge St.

4.      Overflow (& Core Team Member) Parking in Lot C (3116 Telge)

City of Refuge is renting meeting space in this small complex, entitling us to park in this lot on Sundays. If you are a core team member at CoR and able to make the short walk, we invite you to use these spaces.

5.      We are losing the spaces behind Star of Hope on Aug. 23.

These 40 spaces have been so valuable, but when Star of Hope moves, those spaces will no longer be available. Core Team Members are invited to use the spaces at 3116 Telge.

6.      Parking Team Volunteers Needed

Our Parking Team, now forming, is working to make your arrival hassle-free. We need volunteers before each Sunday service and for a few hours a month to handle organization and track needs. Email Keith Bower.