Grey Thursday

Giving Your First Fruits

Ikki Soma

God, I’m not going to give You my leftovers. I’m going to give you my best because I’m so thankful!

Even the most diehard consumers were outraged a few years back when stores began to open on Thanksgiving Day. It became known as grey Thursday, the Thursday before black Friday. Some stores did an about face and decided to close this year, but many major chain stores will be open on grey Thursday. Their goal is for you to spend your money at their stores.

Following grey Thursday is black Friday, the Friday when retailers that have been in the red all year, finally go in the black.

Following black Friday is small business Saturday, the Saturday when consumers are encouraged to buy gifts from small businesses in their community rather than from big box retail chains or from the Internet.

Sunday everyone gets a break. Maybe they catch their breath. Maybe they take a day off. Maybe they watch some football and take a nap.

But it starts all over on cyber Monday when all the Internet shopping sites offer their best deals. Again, this is another attempt to get consumers to spend money at their sites.

And then finally, when all the spending is done and all the toys have been bought, we have giving Tuesday. In effect retailers are saying, “after you’ve spent all your money buying stuff that you’ll forget about in a few months, if you have any money left over, give it to your church or a worthy cause.” Sadly, Thanksgiving began as an opportunity to give thanks to God and give Him their best in response. Yet, for many, Thanksgiving has become another selfish, consumeristic holiday. That’s why, on the Sunday before grey Thursday and black Friday, City of Refuge Church celebrates Thanksgiving with the Thanksgiving Offering, an opportunity to show our thankfulness to God by giving our first fruits.  So this year, would you consider giving one week’s household income as a way to tangibly give thanks? A way for you to say, “God, I’m not going to give You my leftovers. I’m going to give you my best because I’m so thankful!”