Giving at COR

Our Thoughts on Giving

We believe that Christians are supposed to lead lives of worship.  We certainly do this through singing at church, but we also worship through all our words and actions that bring glory to God.  As such, giving is a part of how we bring worship to God.  In the scriptures giving is encouraged to be done in secret (Matthew 6:3) and with joy(2 Corinthians 9:6-7): taking great pleasure in our love for God and not pursuing attention for ourselves.  

As a church we seek to steward the gifts received in a waythat is wise, and we use the money according to the ways that God teaches areright and good.  This includes giving tothe needy (Matthew 6:3), supporting pastors and missionaries (1 Timothy5:17-18), and building up the church both physically and spiritually (2Chronicles 24:8-16, Acts 2:44-45).

Ways to Give

 Please support City of Refuge faithfully and conveniently using one of the following methods:

  • GIVE IN SERVICE (Cash or check) A collection plate will be circulated during the service.
  • GIVE ONLINE (Debit or Credit)
  • GIVE BY TEXT MESSAGE (Debit or Credit) Text "COR77054 give" to 833-509-0800.
  • GIVE BY BANK DRAFT (Check) Bank mails check to City of Refuge 3150 Yellowstone Blvd. Houston, Tx. 77054. All checks should be made out to: City of Refuge EPC

Please contact Jared Gilmore ( if you have any questions or need assistance making your donation.

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