Bible Study

Come join us every Sunday for fellowship and spiritual growth!

While we meet remotely, Adult Bible Study classes meet during the 9:30AM worship hour
every Sunday morning via Zoom.  Their primary purpose is to equip you to live as a Christian
in your vocation, family, workplace, and ministry.  Some of the classes focus on
building knowledge of the Bible. Others will prepare you for leadership
challenges, community service opportunities, and global missions. Our Summer class for Adult Christian Education will focus on evangelism training and knowledge of the Psalms.

Equip yourself for more effective service, develop your relationships with
fellow disciples, and deepen your walk with Jesus.

Fall courses will begin September 20, 2020!

Teachers: Darrin Hanson and Matt Stangl
A study of the book of Deuteronomy looking at the ups and downs of Israel’s walk with God. The study will include how God established His relationship with Israel through covenant, and how God’s law directed Israel toward a life of fellowship with Him.

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The Gospel Makes You Whole in God
Teachers: Tabitha Parker and Heather Dyussekov
After a childhood of legalistic abuse and struggle with her view of God, Tabitha discovered the truth of the gospel setting her free and making her whole. She urgently longs for every believer that is stuck in their relationship with God, to discover peace with God through the gospel. If you’re feeling stuck, come and re-examine the gospel. If you are already experiencing joy in the gospel but not sure how to minister to those who are stuck, come learn how to journey with people. We will be using Classic Christianity and its study guide as the text, and Tabitha’s life as the illustration of its application!

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