Bible Study

Come join us every Sunday for fellowship and spiritual growth!

While we meet remotely, Adult Bible Study classes meet during the 9:30AM worship hour every Sunday morning via Zoom.  Their primary purpose is to equip you to live as a Christian in your vocation, family, workplace, and ministry.  Some of the classes focus on building knowledge of the Bible. Others will prepare you for leadership
challenges, community service opportunities, and global missions.

Equip yourself for more effective service, develop your relationships with
fellow disciples, and deepen your walk with Jesus.

Spring courses will begin April 11, 2021!

The Household of God: A New (Old) Vision for the Church

Teacher: Darrin Hanson

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God has a vision for what His Church should be, although we oftentimes miss key parts of that vision. Through the lens of the metaphor of the Church as the "Household of God" this class will examine what roles the Church should play in the world and in our lives. Like in any household, members share benefits and responsibilities. We will examine some of those benefits and responsibilities that we share as members of God's household.

Wisdom Literature: A Study of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes

Teachers: Matt Stangl and Elijah Culpepper

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Our study of Ecclesiastes and Proverbs will reveal how the ways of folly lead to idolatry and will train us how to achieve Godly wisdom. By gaining wisdom, we will gain a better understanding for how to please God, including how to better live together as Christians in the midst of diversity

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