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Oneness Restored - White Privilege. Real or Imagined?




January 31, 2023

James 2, Job 34:19, Luke 10, Philippians 2:7-9

Oneness Restored

Episode Five: White Privilege. Real or Imagined?

James 2, Job 34:19, Luke 10, Philippians 2:7-9

Guest: Stephen Dria

Episode Summary:

Privilege is difficult and uncomfortable to talk about. Nobody likes to be called privileged. It leaves us angry and defensive. It is often hard to acknowledge our privilege, or to even recognize it without others pointing it out to us or intentional examination. Privilege is sometimes relative and depends on our context and experiences, and at other times it has universal themes that resonate across time and space.

If we are honest about the context of the United States of America, there is a reality that must be acknowledged. Historically and currently, certain advantages in society have been given to people considered white, without those same advantages being given to people of color. Many times, the advantages given come at the expense of people of color. This is not the way things are supposed to be in the kingdom of God. God shows no favoritism or partiality. What responsibility do we have as Christians to create a world marked by equity and flourishing, where God’s peace, justice, and righteousness reign?

Descriptions and Definitions:

Privilege – to give a higher value or superior position

Favoritism – the practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to one person or group at the expense of another


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