Stand Alone Sermons


The King is Born



December 24, 2018


By Dario Augustus

He created the universe from nothing,

He birthed nations from old people’s offspring,

He freed thousands of slaves with ten plagues,

Yet sought to save the world by becoming... like me?

Or rather less than me, being born in a manger,

And living as a homeless, wandering public speaker.  

It’s comical when you think about it.

Imagine homeless men changing the lives of the rich and famous,

Challenging the authority of religious “sovereignty”.

No fancy suits nor royal spectacles.

Just a bunch of commoners gathered together in hills and valleys.

The Leader delivering miracles like Chick Fil-A from Ubereats.

Shakespeare had to have written another tragedy.

To the human eyes, it would seem to be

As you sat there and watched the ONLY Innocent One bleed...

But it wasn’t a tragedy...

It was indeed a King bringing justice to death and sin.

It is a King saving the wicked from the expected end.

It will be a King returning to “take charge and take names,”

As my mother would say.

That Creator, that Savior, that Homeless public speaker, that Teacher.

He will return for all His believers;

Angel armies at His command, though unneeded.

The Lamb was slain. Victory bells rang.

Oh, hear them ring. Shout and sing.

For it is the eve of celebration.

Praise the Lord, all you nations.



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