Brandon Fremion

Equipping the saints for the work of ministry


Brandon Fremion is the Pastor of Equipping at City of Refuge, where he oversees adult ministries. A Houston native, Brandon worked as a structural engineer before feeling a call to teaching and preaching. Since joining the COR staff in 2009, his various responsibilities have included college ministries, Christian education, local and global missions, and church administration. His passion for “equipping the saints for the work of ministry” plays out in helping others develop a vision for living out a Christian witness in their workplaces and neighborhoods.

Brandon and his pediatrician wife, Ellen, who focuses on patients with special needs, are parents of three young sons: David, James, and Peter. They love the church’s focus on diversity and service.

Favorite Haunt: Lanier Theological Library

Master of Divinity, Divinity/Ministry. Bethel Seminary-St. Paul. 2015

Master of Science in Civil Engineering. University of Houston. 2007

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science. Mechanical Engineering. Trinity University. 2005

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